Our Stories


Countless individuals have contributed to our history and each and every story is unique, very personal and interesting.  Their experiences here and subsequent successes all confirm the ongoing power of the DTH mission.


In 2009, Dance Theatre of Harlem celebrated its 40th anniversary, a significant milestone for an organization that made history right from the start. To commemorate our forty years and counting, 40 Stories was conceived in an effort to learn and share DTH’s impact on the lives of the many individuals that have come through its doors with the general public.  The idea continues here as a video compilation of oral testimonials by Dance Theatre of Harlem alumni-students, dancers, staff and parents.  With gratitude for all that you are we invite you to share your story.


A New Story...



Contribute your Story

Please use your own creativity in creating a high quality video.  Position yourself in front of the camera as you feel most comfortable. 

See below for suggestions for making a clean and clear 3 minute video:

  • Use a solid background, with nice lighting on your face.
  • Avoid music in the background
  • Introduce yourself, including the years you were at DTH and how you came to DTH.
  • What was your role at DTH? (Were you a company member, on our Administrative or Production Staff, Ensemble member etc.)
  • Express the impact DTH had on your life.
  • What was your most memorable moment at DTH?
  • End with anything else you might want to add.  
Have fun, relax and enjoy!

Send any inquiries and DTH related photos (company, school, production etc.) that are unique and relevant to your story to: