SCHOOL time performances

Our school-time assemblies are held in school auditoriums and include quality thematic performances and interactive activities for students. These assemblies provide students with engaging learning experiences that expand their appreciation for the arts and their viewpoints about the world. Currently Dance Theatre of Harlem offers performances surrounding the theme of “Diaspora” to provide students a unique experience of learning about social change and significant historical events. (4 - 12)


lecture demonstrations

The Dance Theatre of Harlem's lecture demonstration is an informal demonstration of the art of classical ballet. The presentation is a virtual performance. It introduces the audience to dance and narrates the process of making a dancer. Ballet exercises are demonstrated and explained. Narration is interspersed with excerpts performed by the dancers from an eclectic repertoire. Members of the audience are invited to the stage to learn classical steps, as well as participate in a question and answer session for an interactive experience. (K - 12)



To book an assembly for your school, contact Roberto Villanueva at


All Assemblies align with:


NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance: “Making Connections” strand


NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy:

Students Who are College Ready in Listening capacities: “Comprehend; And Critique and Understand Other Perspectives and Cultures”


K-8 Scope and Sequence in Social Studies: “Culture and Time, Continuity and Change” strands