When Love

(World Premiere: October 20, 2012)

Choreography: Helen Pickett
Music: Philip Glass
Costume: Charles Heightchew
Original Artwork for Fabric: Gary Kleinschmidt
Lighting: Mark Stanley
Assistant to the Choreographer: Kellye A. Saunders

Insistent time maps our days. But, when we are in love we surrender to unbridled time. What we share together during this span seems “out of time.” And then, too suddenly, time shifts into focus again. An imprint of what we shared lingers, and traces of remembrances float into view. Yes, we crawl, walk, run, and love in time. But in these brief, wondrous periods we experience timeless love, and we dance our being.   – Helen Pickett

Music: Knee 5 from Einstein on the Beach

The choreographer wishes to thank Thomas F. DeFrantz.

When Love was created as part of Harlem Dance Works 2.0, an initiative made possible through a Rockefeller Foundation 2010 NYC Cultural Innovation Grant.


Tuesday, August 9th
Amanda Smith | David Wright

Thursday, August 11th
Daphne Lee | Kouadio Davis

Saturday, August 13th
Amanda Smith | David Wright